Text Box: Wind River Tribal College
Text Box: Vision Statement
Nuhu’ Co’outouu3eino’oowu’, niise’enou’uho3i’ neyei3eihiiho’ noh benehiiteet, neyei3ooot, niisi3ooot, co’outouu3ooot noh 3owo3nenitee hiine’tiit, heeteh niiteibeti’ nuhu’ biito’owu’ niis ceeceisoo’.

The Wind River Tribal College prepares students and communities academically, technically and culturally to become self-sufficient while maintaining balance in our changing world.
Text Box: A Message From The President
Hee/Tous Neito’eino’,
	Wooukohei , nuhu’  wonooyoo’ niitoowo’o  wo3onohoe.  Kokounei’  tonounoowu’ noh hei’nowu’ nuhu’ niitoowo’o Co’outouu3eino’oowu’.  Neeniisibe3enee heetih hei’nowunee heesiinootii3i’ Hinono’eino’ noh Sosoni’ co’outouu3ei.  Hei’nowu ‘ heesneyei3ei3i’ woo’ei3 noh niis honowtoo3i’ heetih hei’nou’u heet niis neyei3ooot.  
Hello My Relatives,
	Welcome to our new website.  Please utilize and familiarize yourself with information about the Wind River Tribal College.  We emphasize learning  the language and culture of the Arapaho and Shoshone Tribes in all our curriculum and courses.  I hope you will learn more about our innovative programs and activities.
Thank you.
“Honoring the past - Preparing for the future”
Text Box: Telephone: 307-335-8243
Toll Free: 1-866-701-8385
Fax: 307-335-8148

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